This Day 1 site for the consumer launch of Novo Nordisk's new once-weekly, non-insulin injectable for adults with type 2 diabetes goes way beyond the usual "It's approved" messaging. You can see it here.  Full site to come. (CW) 

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Now that many people with HIV have the virus under control, they can focus on other things. Like HIV-related excess belly fat. (ECD)

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Takeda unbranded

Print portion of unbranded campaign that clearly defines the symptoms of IBS so sufferers can start a productive dialog with their doctor.  (ECD)


For people with IBS and IBS-C, the pain and suffering can follow them everywhere. We came up with a simple yet powerful visual icon to demonstrate how haunting these conditions can be. (ECD)

Vertex unbranded

Hepatitis-C has quietly reached epidemic proportions in the Boomer population (people born between 1946 and 1964). This unbranded 360º campaign tells people to talk to their doctor, because with today's new treatments, HCV isn't necessarily the death sentence it once was. (ECD/some copy)


Adding INCIVEK to HCV treatment not only cut treatment time in half, it also doubled the chance of clearing the virus. Never before had those with HCV had as good a chance to fight it. This launch campaign helped INCIVEK reach $1 billion in sales faster than any other branded drug in history. (ECD/some copy) 


Adherence materials to help migraine sufferers and their families. (CD)


Self-diagnostic roll-over banners and landing page featuring pharma's favorite spokesblob. (CD)

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She doesn't just recommend it to her patients. (CD/CW)

And she does it in Spanish. (CD/CW)



A spec ad for a patient support program. (CW)